New product from CARBEC.ca workshops in 2006 the drinking fountain CR-1060, complies with the regulations of the American with Disabilities Act, revolutionizing the principles of construction of this type of street furniture. Appealing to the highest standards of analysis techniques, design and assembly, DRINKING FOUNTAIN CR-1060 is a 100% adaptable model, unique in North America and manufactured in Quebec.

Three years of research and developments in situ, in normal use conditions, have allowed to develop the best product and this, according to the requirements and requests developed by the municipal services of the city of Montreal.

The presence of a large number of this type of fountain in the Montreal area is now a reference in terms of design standards or upgrading of public spaces in the city. The uniqueness of their design and their characteristics gives this street furniture three essential characteristics required in your services: SIMPLICITY, STRENGTH AND EASY MAINTENANCE.

Some of these unique features have all been developed based on the interviews and historical incidents inventoried over the many years of the presence of the CARBEC.ca field team.

  • Quick and easy maintenance (under 15 minutes)
  • The installation of a large access door
  • The possibility of building custom models, depending on the particular constraints and without delivery date
  • Easy sand trap access, ergonomic and resistant to frost
  • STD plumbing components of industrial quality, available on the retail market
  • Compliance with the highest construction standards for such facilities
  • Accrued against vandalism according to the highest standards in North America
  • Anti-theft bolts
  • A Abloy lock
  • A painting of superior quality with a choice of various colors (on order)

Entirely made of stainless steel (304) 10 gauge, dressed in standard plumbing components associated with industrial quality nozzles in stainless, with Abloy locks and a revolutionary sand trap developed in stainless and also operated by gravity are just a few features this fountain multi use. A sustainable approach, efficient, viable and robust based on intensive and recurring use with consideration as minimum maintenance and maximum compatibility with your services. Maintenance services of the City of Montreal having made the long-term test and appreciated the exclusive fountains Carbec the range of products. Our designs services will be happy to answer all your requests for information, but also able to tailor the models of development options suited to 100% with the objectives of your services.

SIZES mm (in)

  • Length : 1086 (42-3/in)
  • Width : 381 (15in)
  • Height : 1016 (40in)
  • Station Height ADA *: 1003 (39-1/2in)


  • Stainless Steel (304) 10 Gauge.


  • Polyurethane enamel. (3 standard colors available)


  • 254mm(10pin) base
  • Standard plumbing components of industrial quality.
  • Robust design and vandal-proof.
  • Independent pressure regulator push button, easy to access.
  • Large access door [267mm (10-1/2po) x 381mm (15in)]
  • Heavy hinges stainless steel type 304.
  • The bolts are vandal-proof and stainless steel.
  • Removable basins from the top.
  • Designed for easy and quick maintenance
  • All parts replaceable in under 15 minutes.


  • Nozzle type 304 stainless steel machined.
  • Chrome finish push button valve.
  • Pressure regulator.
  • Abloy lock.
  • Inlet filter.
  • A.D.A* Station
  • Sand trap (5 liters capacity)*
  • Faucet service with access through the door.*
  • Non return valve.*
  • Multi-use (Give a dog, wash the feet, fill a bottle)*

OPTIONS (Additional amount depending on the option)

  • ADA typical station meets the standard Americans with Disabilities Act. (ADA)
  • Faucet service with access through the door.
  • Sand trap. (Capacity 5 liters)
  • Multi-use (Give a dog, wash the feet, fill a bottle)
  • Non standard color.